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A personal trainer isn’t just a coach, but an accountability buddy.

By Noreen Matsikidze
A personal trainer isn’t just a coach, but an accountability buddy. picture


Are you seeing that it has gotten increasingly challenging to find the motivation to remain physically active. The good news is you are not alone ( talk about comfort in numbers) It’s easy to get home from a long day at work and say, “I simply don’t possess the energy for workout tonight, I’ll skip it.” It’s particularly easy if you’re the only one who will know. Who among us hasn’t begun an hour-long workout only to throw in the towel following 10 minutes when the energy runs out? As we age . it gets harder to remain motivated towards exercising, so having a trainer guide and persuade you can keep you going. Motivation is one of the most significant components of a wellness routine, and it’s also the hardest one to come by.Luckily,that’s a personal trainer’s forte.

Inspiration comes from all kinds of places, both inside and externally. You may have some inherent motivation to exercise, such as wanting to be healthier or to get off your high blood pressure medication. But, you likewise need extraneous sparks to keep exercising such as wanting needing to get in shape to look better in a swimming outfit or for your next vacation. A fitness coach can become that motivator.A fitness coach can help tailor a custom plan just for you, and provide invaluable support and accountability in our vitality journey. If you've been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and not losing any weight or arriving at your objectives, hiring a trainer may be a good decision. 

Bellytox Lifestyle Certified Fitness Coach can provide structure and do the thinking for you so you can focus on the “doing” rather than the planning.


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