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About us

Bellytox Lifestyle is a Social Movement. Its more than just a Fitness and Health brand. It’s a Lifestyle, a conversation starter, a set of core values. It’s a promise to oneself, that I will live up to my potential and become the best version of myself. When you purchase an item from Bellytox, it’s a statement of self-commitment- self-love- self-care and a cue to take care of thyself. Bellytox lifestyle serves as a daily reminder your dreams are valid and that you are worth it!

Our Vision

To be the number one fitness and health brand in the SADC region.

Our Mission

To empower women to live their best lives!

Our Intentions

Our Intentions are clear, we are building a brand one doesn't need a vacation from , whilst inspiring and creating entrepreneurs. We are creating ab experience, feeling, a story and a promise.

Our Values

1.We are all about people, and will always be about people, we love people. We care about people we work with. We care about results but not at the expense of people. Everything we do should be built on trust
2.We are passionate about our work, we get things done!
3.Growth and learning is in our DNA, we always aim to get better each and every day. We are challengers we push boundaries. We are bold in what we do.
4.We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders!
5.We ENVISION Big but start small. We don’t welcome small thinking but we are all about small starts, taking one day at a time, We are responsible risk takers.
6.We work hard and play hard. We enjoy our work and have fun whilst at it, We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
7.We are generous givers, not self-serving takers, We give more than we take, We are always helping.  We team, we educate. We are always setting people up for success




Our team

Tendai Nyangari picture

Tendai Nyangari

Founder C.E.O ( Phd Scholar-UJ,MCom,BCom,Dip PM,Business Certificates)

Kudzai Harare picture

Kudzai Harare

Chief Financial Officer ( BSc-Radiography, CR,CT)

Salome Nyangari picture

Salome Nyangari

Chief Risk Officer ( Phd Student-UQ,MSc,PGD-PM,BSC)

Zelda Nyangari picture

Zelda Nyangari

Chief Procurement Officer ( MSc-In Progress,PGD-PM,BCom)

Cleopatra Mushonga Nyangari picture

Cleopatra Mushonga Nyangari

Chief Executive Officer ( Phd Student-CPUT,Msc,BBA,IT Certifications)

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