Get back to your quintessential self with Bellytox!

Bellytox tea  (2 pack) picture

Get back to your quintessential self through our  Bellytox tea, which detoxifies your body , giving it a nutritious boost while it burns and flu…

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Bellytox combo picture

This Combo consists of Oats with Cranberries and Capsicum, Chia Seeds and Bellytox Tea. The  tea cleanses the body from within by acting as a di…

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Bellytox sweat belt picture

The Bellytox Sweat Belt is ergonomically designed to be put on tight around your stomach.It works by insulating your tummy area, raising your core in…

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Bellytox shakemix ( 100% whey protein & collagen) picture

  • Helps lose bellyfat as high protein promotes fat oxidation and fat loss
  • Helps keep one feel full for long to avoid oversnacking which results in weigh…

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Bellytox starter pack picture

The Bellytox Starter Pack is the ultimate fat burner, consisting of all the products which will make the start of the fat loss journey smooth.



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Fat burner duo picture

The Belllytox Duo consists of the Bellytox Sweatbelt and Bellytox Tea.

The Bellytox Sweat Belt is ergonomically designed to be put on tight around you…

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Body makeover picture

This Body Makeover is the perfect combination which will assist you to achieve the body of your dreams. It consists of the following products Bellyto…

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Bellytox double walled vaccuum flask picture

This durable, double walled flask this perfect for  your Bellytox Tea ,bottle sports, outdoor activities and your morning commute. Its designed …

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Bellytox oats picture

Oatmeal is a rich source of antioxidants which is filling consisting of high fibre which aids in weight loss. Capsicum great for weight loss reduces …

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Bellytox granola picture

  • High fiber foods found in granola such as oats and seeds fill you up and keep you full for long.
  • High fiber foods help you to lose weight
  • Reduces chole…

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Chia seeds picture

Chia seeds are a great food choice for burning that stubborn belly fat as they are rich in protein, which helps in reducing appetite and food in…

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Bellytox mug picture

This beautiful bellytox mug is designed with everyday use in mind a, to make  a statement with every use that you are living la 100% Bellytox Lifestyle!

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