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Book: Unveiling the secrets of women entrepreneurship

Book: Unveiling the secrets of women entrepreneurship

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In the past, we have built an image of an entrepreneur as being strong, independent, tenacious, assertive, and competitive, all qualities traditionally associated with men. Do these qualities provide the best foundation for entrepreneurial success? Today's challenges require an entirely new type of entrepreneurial leader, one who does not rely on control and command. Today's leaders demonstrate resilience, courage, flexibility, listening, empathy, collaboration, caring and recognition of collective contribution. All of these qualities are traditionally associated with women. This book will reveal the secrets to boosting your entrepreneurial endeavors by leveraging your unique inborn talents. The key to success lies in both genders working together and utilizing everyone's intelligence

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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5
(based on 3 reviews)
Jennifer on Jun 28, 2022
This book made me see that im capable of running a businesss, because of my resilience and persistence
You were born to be an Entrepreneur!!!! Go for it!!!
— Bellytox Lifestyle
This book conquered all my fears
Nozipho on Jun 27, 2022
Very insightful,im ready to launch the business which i had been fearing to start.
Go for it !!! Rooting for you all the way!
— Bellytox Lifestyle
Catherine on Jun 27, 2022
I feel like i can achieve anything!
Your only limitation is your mind! You can do it!
— Bellytox Lifestyle
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