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What does your entrepreneurial mindset say about you?

By Tendai Nyangari · Mar 12, 2020
What does your entrepreneurial mindset say about you? picture


Visit a spot that you are new to, it tends to be a recreation centre, strip mall, amusement zone, and another café extremely pretty much anyplace provided you are curious about the spot. Carry with you a paper notepad pad and pen or you can utilize your phone notepad, 

For 10 minutes, simply glance around and write down the description you observe . If you see a swing in the recreation centre, depict what sort of swing you are seeing. The swing might be corroded, sparkly, vacant, broken or dull. A canine you find in the recreation centre might be large, charming, revolting, cordial or threatening. Write all that you see. After you finish circle all the positive words like sparkly, adorable and agreeable and place a square on words with a negative undertone like broke, corroded, monstrous, ugly and threatening. 

What is the purpose of all this? As a rule what you see outwardly is an impression of your mind-set within. If what you see in the world negative, then your mind-set for entrepreneurship needs to be developed. . If what you see in the world is positive then it will be much easier to identify opportunities and make a difference.



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