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From a Radiographer to a Financial Market trader

By Tendai C Nyangari :
From a Radiographer to a Financial Market trader picture


As a medical radiographer by profession, never in a million world would I have thought I would talk or yet even grasp anything about the world of finance. Having always been a science person, from as early as 5th grade I quite honestly was content and enjoyed the field of study I took up from my early studies all the way to university level. 

Then one day, a year after I graduated with my Bachelor’s, my sister introduced me to the financial markets. So basically,financial markets are places where people and companies come to buy and sell financial instruments like foreign currency, stocks, bonds (debt), commodities and other products. People have traded on financial markets for hundreds of years and they grew out of a very real practical need to help people buy and sell products more efficiently, and to help companies that needed money to raise it more quickly. No matter the exponential growth of the industry, trading financial markets (forex, indices, commodities and stocks) has been described as a either a SCAM or a get rich quick scheme. But that has never stunted the growth of the financial markets, over the years, markets have grown bigger and faster. At the same time, more people than ever before are now able to get access to these markets. Once they were the preserve of big banks, finance houses and very wealthy individuals, but no longer. 

Back to my story, so after I was first told about financial markets, my initial thoughts were, “this would be a great way to earn an extra income”. Almost anyone would easily jump at an opportunity to make more money so immediately I took a keen interest. Having had no prior background in the world of finance and economics, I did worry about whether I would grasp the jargon of it. I was fortunate to be guided and taught by my sister who was knowledgeable and passionate on the subject. With time, my initial desire to take up financial market trading as a stream of income became more of a passion as I genuinely began to appreciate and enjoy it. My medical profession and the financial markets are two stark opposite fields that have a very indirect relation to each other but I found myself absorbed with the my newly discovered world.

I decided to hone the skill, and have been continually learning more from the time I was first introduced to the market three years ago. Quite honestly, this has been one of the best decisions I made. I can truly say I have found my second passion with financial markets analysis and trading. A passion that came with financial independence. So I get asked the question what do I trade………” I trade Wall Street, Gold, Oil, Currencies as long as my technical analysis is fulfilled. In short I trade to withdraw money, no strings attached to any instrument.

As we all journey through life, financial freedom is a state that one should strive for, even more for us women. It would be great if more of us tapped into the field of financial markets trading and earn ourselves this skill. Even with no previous background in the finance world, anyone can take up with the right application and dedication. 



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