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Lessons from a dying tree

By Zelda Nyangari
Lessons from a dying tree picture


I was taking a walk in the woods something I have been doing for the past two weeks to have some fresh air during the Covid-19 lockdown. I discerned that trees with frail roots die even though they may look beautiful on the outside. When an old tree dies what do you do? You plant a new one. Nature has a way of doing this, have you noticed how new trees grow under old trees or how an old seed when buried produces a new life. On my way back home I also observed my neighbour cutting down an old tree and when I asked why, he said it was not producing any fruit and some of the branches were dying.

This spoke volumes into my life. It’s essential that we cut old trees in our lives. We should learn to let go of the old especially if it does give us the energy we require. Cut down old routines, people, relationships, friendships that no longer feeds your environment. Plant a new tree, build a new routine that develops you and makes you a better person. A friendship that elevates and challenges you to produce fruits and flourish. Log that old tree that pulls you down and drains you not allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

Today I challenge you to plant a new tree of hope and faith, a healthy relation, love and happiness. A new tree is a new you. Do not let people and things that exhaust you and drain your energy populate your life. Just like a new strong young tree learn to survive seasons. Learn to tolerate different seasons but do not let the seasons destroy you. Be a tree in the woods that grows regardless of winter, summer, autumn or spring. Grow your skills to be able to adjust to different environments.

On the other hand, it might have been a dying old tree, but I also saw a legend with strong roots that were spread out, a trunk with scars and drying leaves. I also saw a legend that has survived all seasons, contributed, adjusted and as it withers so shall we. But the question is when you fall what will you show for it? We have now and today to blossom and like the branches of a tree may we spread in this thing called life, living it to the best!

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