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Entrepreneurship is often touted as the best way to live your life. You get to work from home, be your own boss, and work only when you feel like it and simply enjoy the DREAM. However, women in Africa fight harder to live the entrepreneurial dream, facing challenges which include aspects such as lack of education, fewer opportunities for skills development, negative self-image and little confidence in women (low entrepreneurial intentions) .Conversely, acquiring the relevant skills and knowledge about managing a business venture can be more difficult for women, since they often have a double work burden and childcare responsibilities. Resultantly, women are educationally less well-equipped to manage businesses. 

In light of the above, BELLYTOX LIFESTYLE has developed a 3 months FREE Entrepreneurship Certificate Programme to assist women to realize their full entrepreneurial potential. The mode of delivery will be online, through the most widely accessible and affordable platform of WhatsApp to ensure higher reach.

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